As mailers head into 2020, a key resolution on their lists may be to streamline their mailing and shipping operations, and the United States Postal Service introduced a new offering earlier this year that may be of help in this. By providing a dedicated helpline for mailers, the Mailing & Shipping Solutions Center (MSSC) is part of the USPS’ quest to better serve commercial mailing and shipping customers.

Mailing Systems Technology recently sat down with a spokesperson from the USPS Mail Entry and Payment Technology division about what this service means for mailers and shippers. “With the creation of the MSSC, our intent was to develop a centralized customer helpdesk with decentralized agents,” the source explained. “The agents provide customers with consistent guidance around mail preparation regulations and Mail Entry programs such as Full-Service, Seamless Acceptance, eInduction, and Move Update by leveraging existing clerk staff who remain domiciled within their current locations. Before the MSSC, customers had to call several different helpdesks to receive support on payment, mail acceptance, and mail preparation. These helpdesk calls were not monitored or measured, and we had little quality control over the process. MSSC provides one centralized number for customers to get support for their mailing and shipping needs.”

MSSC clerks are trained to provide standardized responses citing the source and reference guides such as the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM), fact sheets, and the like. They are coached to offer the callers online self-help solutions as applicable, such as helping mailers navigate the Business Customer Gateway to look up their permit information and create new permits. Prior to beginning their work with the MSSC, the clerks complete a two-week classroom training course and also participate in a regular WebEx training schedule to keep them current and informed on all new commercial mail initiatives.

The MSSC is another way that the USPS is attempting to continuously provide world-class innovation and service to its customers. “Our team analyzes MSSC call data on a weekly basis to identify any system enhancements and training opportunities,” explains the USPS source. “In the near future, we are in the planning stage for building an online knowledgebase on FAQs, which would be available for both internal and external customers. Some future helpdesk enhancements include providing an email and chat option in addition to voice calls."

This solutions center is geared towards mailers of all sizes, and both in-house mailers and print/mail service providers utilize this offering. More information can be found on PostalPro or by calling 1-877-672-0007.