This article originally appeared in the May/June issue of Mailing Systems Technology.

For decades, the document outsourcing industry has sought an ever-elusive goal of profitably capturing the collective mass of small to very small mail volumes produced by businesses and individuals every day. A breakthrough product promises to do that and more for the entire industry. Any printer, mail shop, quick-copy center, association, business network, software developer, or other appropriate vendor that wants to profit from collecting these small volumes can join in, in a variety of ways.

Postalocity processes all customers, all document designs, and all job volumes big and little, together, as if coming from one source. Processing is immediate, providing on-screen proofs before acceptance. As mail pieces arrive, Postalocity is oblivious to job volume, customer base, ownership of mail pieces, design and placement of address blocks or clear zones. Finished documents are produced in commingled print batches sent to an appropriate printer, all fully automated… all of which makes Postalocity truly fully scalable.

Postalocity pōs-təl-'ä-sə-tē noun Of, related to, or pertaining to all things postal.

Print batches are sent to partners that are qualified and certified for the type of work to be produced. Partners can print their own, share and accept print, or not print at all, free choice. Any print shop that prefers to lay full claim to their jobs, can. Or, any job can flow into Postalocity’s general production network, allowing for geographic distributive print to select certified partners for expediting postal delivery. When a print partner with some unique capability joins, and Postalocity adds that capability to its offerings, suddenly all members can sell that service, and Postalocity will commingle and batch the print files to the appropriate partner.

Mailers do not have to fit templates; Postalocity permits free and open design. Users do not have to fit windowed envelopes; Postalocity uses personalized closed-face envelopes, and users can develop a gallery of attractive envelope artwork. Direct typing for single letters, raw data, and .pdf uploads are all supported. Recipient addresses pulled from the .pdf’s or addresses in .csv lists are both supported. Certified mail, postcards, bifold and trifold self-mailers are all supported, and more is coming. International mail is supported with an established 50-country/250+-print partner network for worldwide geographic distributive print.

End users essentially control an automated mailroom via the program’s web site, experiencing a fully digital option to send real mail through the US Postal Service. Fear of human error from mail shops is veritably eliminated, as the user has full control over document errors. Most document oriented mailrooms and equipment can be eliminated. Properly implemented, savings of 50 cents or more per outbound mail piece can be realized.

Commercial resellers such as business networks and associations, quick-copy centers, mail and print shops, can gain new revenue streams with new offerings. Promote the portal as is, or white-label it to your own branding. Any suitable vendor can be in the document outsourcing business within minutes.

Mail or Print Shops can choose to resell the service, or sometimes use Postalocity as just an internal tool. Offload those small nuisance jobs in seconds, bill them as you wish, and these small jobs suddenly become very profitable. Lay claim to your own printing, or flow jobs into geographic production. Sell new types of work you are not equipped to do, and let Postalocity’s network handle the production. Become a certified print partner and receive geographically distributed work from the Postalocity network.

Software developers can use Postalocity’s API calls to introduce USPS real-mail functionality into their software’s menus, and then enjoy receiving effortless, lucrative, found money. You can even create a directly competing outsourcing service by building your own user interface.

Joining starts with creating your free account at, with or without calling us. Reseller application and agreements are available on your account’s profile page by clicking the account name. We look forward to contributing to your success.

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