This article originally appeared in the May/June issue of Mailing Systems Technology.

Improve the ROI of your direct mail by including a choicebased navigable video experience with the award-winning Pitney Bowes EngageOne® Video solution. You can greatly enhance customer engagement while taking advantage of the USPS® Video in Print (ViP) promotion.*

The promotions offered by the USPS® are expected to attract 15-18 billion pieces of participating mail. Last year alone the USPS® paid out over $80 million in postage discounts. Using EngageOne® Video helps you support your mobile engagement strategy, reduce dependency on expensive call centers and improve customer satisfaction.

About EngageOne® Video EngageOne® Video offers a comprehensive set of capabilities for the creation, delivery and management of high-impact, real-time, Interactive Personalized Video services. EngageOne® Video helps our clients:

--Increase sales.

--Improve customer satisfaction.

--Reduce operating costs.

--Drive online adoption.

The platform uniquely leverages up-to-the-second data along with real-time interactions and selections to present a customized video journey for each individual visitor.

Our industry-leading technology has been used to deliver tens of millions of Interactive Personalized Videos for leading organizations in multiple industry sectors and geographies.

EngageOne® Video features:

--Videos created on-demand in real-time

--Real-time customer data and service status

--View historic and ad hoc statements, proactive usage alerts and more

--Reduced video generation and storage costs

--Cross device support including desktop, laptop, mobile, iPad, tablet, TV

--Interactive drill-down into information

--Respond to calls-to-action during video

--Dynamic storyline structures based on business rules and viewer behavior

--Real-time performance metrics

Industry Applications With EngageOne® Video, you can harness the power of navigable, choice-based video that educates and guides your customers to take action. Our customizable templates deliver best practice and fast time-to-value solutions to common business processes such as customer onboarding and billing. These solutions allow you to move beyond text-heavy websites, emails and printed materials.

Healthcare: Answer health plan member questions about bills and statements, plan enrollment and explanations of benefits.

Insurance: Craft personalized content that speaks to a range of policyholder needs from property, casualty, life, annuity and specialty.

Telecommunications: Explain complementary product offerings and bundles, while decreasing customer support expenses associated with bill shock.

Financial Services: Reduce customer onboarding and support costs, while increasing advocacy and cross-sell opportunities.

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*USPS 2017 Promotions and Incentives