The USPS recently provided statistics on the successes of their SuiteLink product during the last Partnership in Tomorrow meeting. The USPS demonstrated a 4.24% average match rate per year (since 2007) on over 40 trillion candidate records processed. That equates to about 1.7 trillion records that have been improved by the SuiteLink product since its inception.

In the next CASS cycle (CASS Cycle O) the USPS has proposed making it mandatory for CASS certified software vendors to query the SuiteLink product, if the input address matches to a high-rise default record and it has either an invalid suite number of is missing a suite number.
Mailers and Mail Service Providers should be aware that the software vendors have three choices in how this corrected suite information is returned. These choices will affect the address line on every piece of business mail (hi-rise) you send. The output options are:

1. The suite information can replace invalid secondary information on the address line.
2. The valid and invalid suite information can be appended together on the address line.
3. The valid suite information can be returned on the address line while the invalid suite information is returned to a secondary address line.
What output option do you prefer? Does changing the suite information affect your business? Not all software providers will provide you with all three options and many may decide that returning the corrected suite is sufficient. Do you care? Now is the time to contact your software vendor and voice your preference. They would love to hear from you!