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Our Mission: To provide relevant, useful information through all media channels to those responsible for mail center operations.

Meet Our Staff: To bring you all the information that keeps the mailing industry humming, here is who is working diligently behind the scenes:

Amanda Armendariz Editor
amanda.c@rbpub.com 801-391-3915
*Any editorial-related inquiries, press releases, article ideas, etc. should be directed to Amanda

Kelli Cooke Creative Designer

Ken Waddell Publisher & Vice President, Sales & Marketing
ken.w@rbpub.com 608-235-2212

Rachel Chapman Audience Development Manager
rachel@rbpub.com 608-241-8777

Chad Griepentrog President, MadMen3
chad.g@rbpub.com 608-444-8965

Brief Historical Look: In 1988, we launched our flagship publication, Mailing Systems Technology. Mail center managers often asked questions on where they could get certain pieces of equipment or about mail preparation issues. This prompted the idea for a magazine focused on providing information to mail center managers. A few months later, with the help of an advisory board, Mailing & Shipping Technology was unveiled as the first publication to serve the mailing industry at the National Postal Form in October, 1988.

The magazine was an immediate hit, for at last mail center managers had a place to get reliable information and a forum to share their experiences with each other.

The magazine has evolved along with the industry from dealing with issues of the "Basement Syndrome" in 1988 to the highly technical operations of today. The magazine has been praised for its outstanding editorial on all the issues that managers face in the mail center, from labor issues to budget preparation, equipment selection, software investments and everything in between. Most notable is the Mailing Systems Technology Annual Wage & Operations Survey, which is the only comprehensive survey analyzing industry trends and standards. Each year the survey focuses on the most recent challenges mail center managers face as well as the year-after-year tracking of state of the industry.

Your Information, Your Way: Since the inception of the magazine in 1988, we have added more venues to disseminate information to mail center professionals. We added a website in 2000 and opened a new site with state-of-the-web capabilities in January, 2007. To meet the ever-growing need for information, we also began an e-newsletter in 2007 that provides monthly updates on product and service offerings to the industry. Our new focus is to provide information any way you want. We will be conducting webcasts, which will provide you with training without leaving the comfort of your office. And there is certainly more to come from us as new avenues of communication open. With more wireless technology available and to serve those of you who prefer a paperless environment, we will offer a digital version of Mailing Systems Technology. Also look for live broadcasts of industry events on this website, as well as podcasts.