USPS requirements have made both cleaning address lists with CASS Certified software and using an NCOALink service integral to the process of preparing a mailing. Today, these address cleansing processes contributed to meeting the requirements for earning the lowest rates. Why do more?

It's simple. Your clients are looking for more than an efficient mailing service. They're looking for expertise that can help improve their bottom-line results. If your clients get poor response from mail, they have the incentive to turn to other communication channels. Since effective direct marketing results from quality rather than quantity, you have the opportunity to increase revenues by providing value-added services that make your clients more successful.

Data Enrichment Improves Results Satori Software offers both USPS standard address correction and 48-month NCOALink move update processing, plus additional data enrichment services that go beyond what USPS can offer, to provide the information you need to improve both mail deliverability and results. You can use these services to improve deliverability, lower postage costs, and improve the marketing return on investment (ROI) for your clients - all while bringing in additional revenue and achieving higher client satisfaction.

Our on-demand Move Update service provides a secure Internet connection to process lists against 48-month NCOALink data. Records may be processed through web services and updated within your database, via FTP or through a custom application.

Using our cloud-based services takes the burden off your IT department to maintain a separate server, ensures the freshest data and provides additional enrichment options. The smooth integration and fast turnaround make it easy to incorporate these services into your workflow.

Go Beyond USPS Based Services Satori data enrichment services allow you to append contact details, amend addresses and suppress records on do-not-mail lists.

Contact more of the people on your mailing list with Apartment Append. Look up the apartment number for incomplete addresses and reduce the number of addresses with DPV problems found during CASS processing. Having this data can also result in more valid moves found during move update processing.

The NCOALink data set only includes moves that have been reported to USPS. Each year, thousands of people move without submitting move forms. Supplement your change-of-address processing with ECOA Move Update to reach more people who have moved. This service uses data from credit bureau, magazine subscriptions and other sources to find people who did not file their move with USPS. Depending on the demographics of the list, this process can result in up to 20% more identified and resolved moves.

Finally, every client wants to focus their direct mail on prospects that are willing and able to respond. A simple step for achieving this goal, processing that flags records that match entries in do-not-mail, deceased person and correctional facility lists.

How Good Is Your List Data Really? In the end, the only effective mail piece is one that reaches its intended recipient. Services outside CASS and NCOALink processing can give address lists the extra polish they need to reach the intended recipients. Send a list in for analysis. We'll do a thorough check and let you know how you're doing. Will your data make the grade? To learn more or to request an analysis, contact Satori sales at 800-553-6477 option 4 or

As a nonexclusive NCOALink Full-Service Provider Licensee of USPS, Satori Software receives weekly NCOALink updates.