Hi, I'm Jacquelyn McPeak, President of Mail Management Enterprises LLC. We are an organization that provides a full range of customized solutions for all areas within mail and distribution services and industry-specific educational programs designed to develop professional mail management skills.

We are doing the "What You Think" department so we can look for trends within the industry and share them with readers. A short survey of less than 10 questions will be sent every other month to the Mailing Systems Technology database of mail operations managers in an effort to provide continuous feedback from your colleagues. If you have any specific questions you would like to include in the survey, please contact me at mailmgt@aol.com
or 410-883-3224.

In December, seven questions were developed and sent out to mail operations managers in an effort to see how the recession is impacting mail operations and the types of communication tools and relationships mail operations managers have with management. We appreciate the interest and time from the 446 respondents and look forward to your participation in future issues of the magazine.

According to results, 75% of the mail operations managers indicated the economy is impacting their operation in areas that range from reduction in mail volumes to laying off staff. We see a repeat from the last recession, where organizations implemented a freeze that impacted the purchasing of new technologies, hiring and a decline in budget for travel and attendance at conferences and educational programs.

The top three tools mail managers use to provide customers with information concerning mailing services are:

1. Utilization of a web page
2. Printed mail services guide
3. Telephone help line

A good indicator is that 82% of the managers have not been forced to make unwise staffing cuts. Not surprisingly, managers have experienced a decrease in turnover of staff due largely to the unstable economy and limited job opportunities.
98% of the managers indicated they have a good to excellent relationship with management, which is an asset in these challenging times ahead.

The primary new technologies mail managers would like to implement in their operation was addressing equipment.

Jacquelyn McPeak is one of a distinguished number of mail professionals that has obtained certification as a Mail and Distribution Systems Manager (CMDSM). She is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and MSMA and Postal Customer Council (PCC) meetings and has been recognized as one of the top speakers at the National Postal Forum. Jackie was awarded the MSMA Distinguished Service Award in 2002 for her efforts on behalf of the Certified Mail and Distribution Systems Managers Certification Program. Contact her at mailmgt@aol.com or 410-883-3224.