Thank you to the almost 200 respondents participating in the January 2010 three-minute survey regarding mail operations! We included a few survey questions distributed a year ago in order to compare the results one year later.

We have seen a consistent response of the almost 70% of the respondents who are responsible for the mail facility in a business compared to almost 30% that work for a company that provides mailing services (presort, lettershop, data) for other companies.

The most significant reason for how the economy is affecting mail operations is the almost 20% increase of respondents identifying reduction in mail volumes from the previous year.

We saw a slight increase of respondents reporting travel has been suspended or reduced and decreased attendance at conference/ education program compared to 2008.

There was a six percent drop in 2009 in two categories: freezing on all expenditures unless approved by upper management and freezing on hiring.

Only 11% of the respondents said the economy has not affected operations in 2009, as compared to the 22% reported in 2008.

There was almost no change when comparing the 80% of respondents in 2009 that have not been forced to make unwise staffing cuts because of the current economy.

In comparing the turnover of staff in the last six months, 80% of the respondents report the staff has remained the same as compared to 54% the previous year. The reasons provided in the turnover of staff included a stable staff, employee contentment with workplace and good pay and outsourcing.

Almost 100% of the managers continue to indicate their relationship with management is good to excellent.

The top three ways managers strengthen relationships with upper management are through face-to-face meetings (84%), reports (47%) and customer satisfaction surveys (17%).

Ninety-two percent of the respondents said they are not looking for a new job opportunity, and yet 60% of the respondents indicated they do not believe they have advancement opportunities within mail services. A contributing factor could be the lack of turnover.

Jacquelyn McPeak is one of a distinguished number of mail professionals that has obtained certification as a Mail and Distribution Systems Manager (CMDSM). She is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and MSMA and Postal Customer Council (PCC) meetings and has been recognized as one of the top speakers at the National Postal Forum.