Everyone has to have one claim to fame in life.
Mine is that I am the (self-proclaimed) top expert
on mailing systems in the United States. I have
not been able to tell anyone about this until now
because there was never the right time or place.
You try to bring this up to someone at a party and
watch them suddenly need to "use the restroom."

If you are reading this article it is because you are
actually interested in mailing equipment or are looking to replace a
system, so hopefully my background and opinions can be helpful.

The reason that I can make this claim is that I run the only mail
audit and recovery firm in the US (that we have found) and focus
solely on helping the largest companies to procure mailing

Prior to starting my firm, I worked for one of the
largest vendors directly helping over 3,000 entities.
My goal here is to give you the background needed to know
what to look for and the questions to ask when selecting the
right mailing system for your organization. It is written without
any vendor affiliations and is designed to give you an unbiased
view of your options. This guide will explain the 10 core questions
that should go into your decision for the optimal system.

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