BCC Software, a BÖWE BELL + HOWELL company and the leading developer of high-performance solutions for professional mailers, has announced a new option that dramatically increases the value of NCOALink® LSP processing purchased via BCC Data Services. Effective immediately, the LSP Unlimited service option will provide limitless access to NCOALink LSP processing for an annually renewable fee of $1,995 for users of BCC's Mail Manager 2010 and Mail Manager 2010 LE software products.


Mailing jobs processed through the LSP Unlimited service option will also receive DPV®, LACSLink®, SuiteLink and ANKLink processing at no additional charge.


"We're excited to provide this huge opportunity to current and future customers," said Mark Higgins, BCC Vice President of Marketing and Data Services. "With the entire postal industry facing massive address-correction policy changes, mailers need to be able to count on the most reliable source of Move Update processing available. Our Data Services offerings are second to noneand with this new unlimited plan for LSP processing, the value of our offerings has never been greater."


Both BCC's a la carte and prepaid pricing models for NCOALink LSP are still available, ensuring that all mailers have a Move Update solution that fits their address-correction needs and budgets.


NCOALink processing, which compares submitted list data to the weekly updated USPS® Change of Address (COA) database, is the industry's leading method for proactively updating address information to account for moves. When used correctly this technology product satisfies Postal Service requirements for First-Class Mail® automation discounts, and will do the same for Standard Mail® jobs when those same automation requirements are extended to that class, beginning November 23, 2008.


BCC Software has been non-exclusively certified by the United States Postal Service® to provide NCOALink processing at the LSP level, which accesses the most recent 18 months of COA data, as well as NCOALink FSP processing, which accesses the full 48 months of available address-change information. These certifications allow jobs submitted to BCC Data Services to be processed in-house, resulting in "real-time" turnarounds: a typical NCOALink LSP job processed through BCC is returned to the mailer in under 5 minutes.


Other BCC Data Services include Suppression, which help mailers identify addresses that fall into categories considered undesirable for many marketing mailings; Address Resolution Service, which uses third-party data to improve upon standard DPV processing by supplying supplemental delivery information, when available; and Track N Trace®, which uses the Intelligent Mail® barcode to provide USPS OneCode Confirm® mailpiece delivery monitoring functionality.


For additional details about the LSP Unlimited service option and other BCC Data Services, call (800) 337-0372. To learn more about BCC's complete family of mailing technology solutions, visit www.bccsoftware.com.