Mail processing is still a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. Mail without stamps or proper indicia is returned to senders or enters the mail stream undetected, resulting in multi-million dollar losses for postal operators.


    Until most recently, postage authenticity and indicia value detection relied on manual verification, a tedious and error-prone process that is not easy to scale in an ever-changing mail volume environment.


    Parascript, a Colorado-based developer of image analysis and pattern recognition technology, has recently introduced software that automatically locates and detects various types of indicia on envelope images and reliably reads the postage amounts printed on them, helping postal operators to avoid revenue losses.


    Parascript® StampVerify locates indicia and determines indicia type, including stamps, meter marks, facing identification marks, information-based indicia and/or postal stationary. Additionally, StampVerify reveals the number of indicia present, recognizes postage amounts and total values for all valid indicia on given mail pieces.


    StampVerify helps postal operators to detect indicia fraud by comparing each stamp against a database of stamps and flagging suspects and counterfeits. Using advanced image analysis and recognition technology, StampVerify reliably reads the postage amounts printed in different kinds of indicia, detecting insufficient postage. As a universal solution, StampVerify works with any transport and camera type and adapts quickly to country-specific indicia types.


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