April 29 2008 10:26 AM

Calling in the Reserves

Your company may already be using PO Box and/or Caller/Reserve Service in a variety of ways to streamline your business operations. New features are making these services even more convenient to use, and at the same time, customers are finding new ways to leverage the possibilities these services provide. Using Caller Service and "Reserves" to manage incoming mail is a way to save time and money for many large businesses and mail center operations. Now let's do roll call and review the options.


Post Office Box Service

Do you have a PO Box? Need an additional PO Box for your business? PO Boxes are conveniently located in residential areas and in business districts and provide a secure, private address to receive mail with flexible hours of access. Fees vary by size and by location. You can pick up your PO Box mail whenever it's convenient for you many post office lobbies are open extended hours and 24 x 7.  For businesses, there are larger boxes sizes 3, 4 and 5.


A recent feature allows you to check for available PO Boxes online. To check PO Box availability, pricing and lobby hours near you, go to: www.usps.com/locator and choose "PO Boxes Available" from the drop-down menu. You can search by street address or by ZIP Code. Searching by street address will give you the location closest to you, even if it's in another ZIP Code. You can download the application online also.


Caller Service and Reserves

Are you a business that receives large volumes of mail?

  • Does mail drive your business?
  • Would picking up your mail multiple times provide a better flow for your business?
  • Would multiple box numbers help separate your mail?
  • Is your business growing, considering moving to a larger or different location?
  • Are you waiting for a PO Box to become available?


If your answer to any of the questions above is "yes," then Caller/Reserve Service may be the ideal solution for your business. Caller Service can help you save time and money and allow you to better manage your critical assets. Caller Service is a premium service available (for a six or 12-month fee) to business customers who may receive large quantities of mail every day and need the convenience of picking up their mail more than once per day. You'll be able to schedule mail pickup times that work best for you, and we do not require a minimum mail volume for this service.


Many businesses combine the use of Caller Service with PO Box Reserve numbers to reduce costs and speed up the time it takes to process the mail to the end user. Businesses who receive remittance mail find it highly effective to use Caller Service combined with Reserve numbers (separate PO Box addresses) in order to better manage their incoming payments. For example, if your business wants to manage payments from different customers or locations, you can sort them by Reserve numbers which look like individual physical PO Box numbers, but are actually consolidated for pickup with your Caller Service mail.


How Does It Work?

When you sign up for Caller Service (at your local post office), you can receive one or more PO Box caller numbers as well as reserve numbers for future or immediate use. You or another employee of the business will go to the post office and pick up the mail either from the loading dock or from the service call window usually located near the PO Boxes in our lobbies.


If you are interested in Caller/Reserve Service numbers, visit the post office where you would like to receive the service for more details and fees. Need some help managing your incoming mail operation? Call in the Reserves!


For more information about PO Boxes and Caller/Reserve Services, visit www.usps.com/receive/businesssolutions/poboxservice.htm.