We all know about the troubles the USPS is having. In fact, I could probably save myself a lot of time writing editor's notes and just recycle some old ones in which I talk about the issues facing the USPS - the note would probably be just as relevant today as it was for the issue I wrote it!

But I think that's a rather pessimistic view to take. Yes, the USPS is facing financial troubles. Yes, there are the problems with the pre-funding of retirees' health benefits, the closing of post offices, the talk of eliminating Saturday delivery, and the fine line the USPS must walk being a not-a-government-entity-but-yet-not-a-private-business-either organization. Even people whose only interaction with mail is walking to their mailbox to get their mail at 5 pm know that the Postal Service is in trouble. So there's really no point in re-hashing that.

Instead, I think we should look at the bright side. Mail is still relevant - even among the tech-savvy 18-34 age group. There is still definitely a place for mail in today's society, even if that place is still slightly different than it has been in years past. And I think that sentiment is exemplified by our Top Performers issue. As you look through the profiles that begin on page 30, you'll notice that there are many innovative, forward-thinking companies servicing all aspects of the mailing industry. With companies, products, and services like this, the future is looking very bright, indeed.

As always, thanks for reading Mailing Systems Technology.