Your team has scrambled in 2020 to keep its head above water and get orders out on time. Now is the time to set up your team to charge ahead with confidence in 2021. There are three key methods to begin driving results:

· Revisit your business strategy

· Reenergize your leadership team

· Reengage your company culture

Let’s dive in.

Revisit Your Business Strategy

Your plans for 2020 may have flown out the window with COVID-19. It doesn’t mean your five-year plan has to as well. Revisit your business strategy by seeing what has changed, and determine how you and your team can adapt to still meet your five-year goals.

Is an acquisition or new investment in order to accelerate your growth? Should you divest in a part of the business to focus on your core? Reviewing your plans — and identifying potential blind spots — will get you out of the weeds and thinking strategically again.

Reenergize Your Leadership Team

When the going gets tough, the tough (and smart) take time to plan. Reenergize your leadership team by holding an offsite session to determine how you will win next year and get back on track to meeting your five-year goals.

What are the obstacles in front of you? Determine the critical success factors to overcome those obstacles, and then develop strategies to win.

Great teams spend time together — and time with key business partners — to reflect and get moving.

Reengage Your Company Culture

Your business, leadership team, and employees have been through a 12-round boxing match this year. Reengage the company culture by investing in the skills and capabilities of your people, or by injecting new talent into your company.

Are you developing your people so they have the capabilities to win on their own? When you have a high performing team, it frees you and other company leaders to close big deals or spend more time executing for the future.

Do you need to recruit talent into your company because of rapid growth or upcoming retirements? Standing out from the crowd with a unique hiring process that captures the hearts and minds of potential employees is critical.

To charge ahead with confidence in 2021, take these three methods and generate three, clear smart actions as a call to action for your team.

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