Digital advertising is on the rise. However, many people still understand and remember things that they see and read on paper better. When a touch is used in reading, the brain’s level of engagement is heightened. Thus, strategies that utilize touch, such as direct mail, should be used in marketing, and it is no surprise the response rate for direct household mail has risen. Therefore, you need a plan to generate more responses to your direct mail. Below are some tips that you can use to grab your readers’ attention effectively.

1. Personalize Your Direct Mail

Technology is continually advancing. Thus, the cost of customizing your printing pieces is reducing. Also, the different data printing technologies offer more comfortable set-up options. Use this to your advantage and personalize your graphics, contact methods, or texts. Also, consider the data that you have and the preferences of your customers. For instance, you can take certain characteristics (such as their birthday, their income, and their frequent purchases) and apply the knowledge in your design.

2. The Envelope

Your envelope is the first thing that people will see; it is a huge factor in whether your customers ignore your piece or open it. Also, it is prudent to create an envelope that matches your overall design look.

3. Determine Your Audience

Before you send your direct mail piece, it is essential that you consider the person or the people that will receive them. Knowing your target audience helps you to determine the design of your mail. Consider the things that matter to your demographic, whether it is savings, security, or some other factor. Consumers buy for reasons ranging from fear of loss to hope of gain. Hence, identify what drives your audience and start building from there.

4. Use Bold Images and Headlines

When you are making your piece, have the image of a billboard in your mind. Ensure that your message remains simple. Recipients have to cut through so much mental clutter nowadays, so simplicity in your message means a greater chance of the reader staying focused.

5. Customize Your Mail

Take a look at what you want to be delivered to your audience. Imagine what it will look like when it is in an office or at home on a desk. Then, customize the size of the piece by using an oversized postcard. The postcard should wrap around everything else to make it more visible. The new programs from the USPS will allow you to mail postcards that are between 12-15 inches. If the piece is smaller in size, perhaps think about the thickness that would be necessary to adequately compete in the mailbox space.

6. Think of the Touch

Your target will have to touch your piece. Thus, use a paper effect or a print that is unique to the touch so that it will attract enough attention to get another glance. UV capabilities will help you add many different textures to accentuate your piece. You can also choose to use some tree-free options for printing. They are waterproof, they do not tear, and they have a different texture that is easily noticed. Some of the 2019 USPS promotions are a good way to test out the power of touch on your mail piece while simultaneously saving money on postage. Win/win!

7. Help Them Reach You

Do not forget to include many contact methods. You can use the QR codes for mobile devices, but if your audience is not very tech savvy, include other contact options. If you choose to use online forms, you should make sure that they are compatible with the many internet browsers in the market as well as on handheld devices.

8. Be Different

On average, in one year, one person will receive more than 41 pounds of mail. That is already adequate competition for your direct mail. Also, many people have the habit of opening their mail at the trash can or recycling bin. Thus, you are battling for attention even more. Be open to experimentation but do not make many changes to the variables at one go to ensure that your changes do not affect your ROI.

One other thing to consider is the Postal Service requirements. Having a firm grasp on these will help you to ensure that any changes will not necessitate extra postage. With your goals and objectives put in place, reaching your prospects and customers is easy with these tips.

Caryl Anne Crowne is a contributing writer and media specialist for Allegra Network. She often produces content for a variety of mailing systems blogs.