Middletown, CT (Oct 2017) –MSI Worldwide international mail operation, a bpost subsidiary, has purchased and installed a new Dispatcher MX mail and packet sorting system from ID Mail Systems to replace its 14-year old Dispatcher mixed mail sorting system. The MSI operation, part of bpost’s Landmark Global business, has a number of ID Mail processing solutions including MMW systems at each of its international mail USA & Canada locations.

The new Dispatcher MX sorting system enhances the automated sorting capability by processing a much wider range of mail types including poly enveloped publications, ecommerce mailing packets, and the full range of more traditional mail from postcards to large flat mail envelopes. With the new auto-feeding module, two manual input stations, and an advanced polarized imaging camera system with LED lamps, the system is much more capable and flexible for different mail types.

As importantly, the MX will process mail up to 1 3/8” (35 mm) thick, and with new postal trolleys for capturing processed pieces at the sort output locations, it makes material handling much more efficient for larger mail items and volumes. The new design also allows a central finishing area within the configuration of the system, making better use of labor.

Processing of much more varied mail streams means operators would normally have to look up or remember many more partner indicia and labeling/sorting methods. With ID Mail’s automation, the Dispatcher MX sorting system and the MMW systems, integration between the MSI Worldwide IT system and routing software is automatic. This is crucial in today’s fast changing cross-border mail market. This eliminates operational management concerns about the staff’s ability to handle frequent routing scheme changes and distribution methods.

Bill Sickenberger, President of MSI Worldwide stated “MSI has a long history of working with ID Mail Systems, and the benefits of the new Dispatcher MX system made the decision to replace the older Dispatcher an easy one. ID Mail assembled the new system around the existing Dispatcher, allowing us to continue processing and within the week, turned over the new system to operations and retired the old system.”

Jerry Fenerty, President of ID Mail Systems said “Landmark Global/MSI Worldwide has been an excellent customer for many years and runs a very efficient operation. With their decision to replace the older Dispatcher with the new Dispatcher MX, ID Mail looks forward to assisting them with better automation for the changing mail types and its future challenges.”

About ID Mail

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