At the end of May, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) released a report that outlines prospective areas in which it could leverage Blockchain technology. What is Blockchain technology, you may ask? Blockchain technology allows people to exchange money directly without the need for a traditional financial intermediary, which lowers the cost and increases the speed of transactions. But it is proving to be much more than that. At its core, blockchain technology is a way to transfer any kind of information in a fast, tracked, and secure way.

It's a fascinating topic, and to see how it could be utilized by the USPS is a must-read. According to the report, "Specifically, the creation of a financial platform using blockchain could leverage the technology to offer improved financial services such as money transfers. The platform could allow the Postal Service to streamline the back-end of this current service, making the service faster and cheaper for both the Postal Service and its customers. It could also be especially useful for international money transfers due to the technology’s borderless nature."

And that's not all. Download the PDF for the full report.

View USPS Report Blockchain Technology.pdf