As has been the case for almost every year that I've been editing this magazine, news
of mail is... not good, to say the least. Oh, of course we in the industry know the
upsides of mail; that it works and is one of the most trusted communication channels.
Mail certainly isn't dead, and it's not going anywhere soon. But there is a perception -
among mailing industry professionals and laypeople alike - that mail is a dying communication method,
and unfortunately we've seen this assumption bear out in some
of the results of the survey. Take certification, for example. Our respondents reported
that only 5% of managers hold the EMCMP certification, 6% hold the CMDSM, and a
mere 3% hold CMM certification. This is a huge drop compared to previous years. Is
all the negative talk about mail seeping into the mail centers' organizational structure,
making the powers-that-be hesitant to invest any additional money in those that deal
with the mail? If this is indeed the case, it's a mistake - while mail is drastically changing,
it will be around for a good long while, so those mail center managers who are
best certified will be the most equipped to succeed.

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