Are you maximizing the profits in your print or mail business? There are a lot of opportunities for printers and mailers right now, so it's the perfect time to make the most of your services. If you haven't already, now is the time to take a good look at your business and see where you could save money and where you could make more - for better profit margins and a business that will gain and keep loyal customers. So, how can your print or mail business get started? Take a good look at these five key areas to start making the most of your business today.

1. Start in the Shop

When it comes to maximizing your profits, start by looking at how your business runs on a day to day basis to make sure you're not leaking money by way of wasted time or resources. Think about how your business approaches each job. Are you minimizing waste? Are you running your equipment in the most efficient way?

Don't forget that people are your resources, too. If some of your team has to waste time waiting around for another part of the process to finish, you're wasting valuable human power. Checking how well you utilize your resources is an important task in order to give your business the best profit margins.

2. Be More than a Printer or Mailer

Your customers aren't just coming to you for printing or mailing. Think about that for a moment. Your customers are coming to you because they want to increase their own profits, get their message out, fulfill orders, and run their business effectively. The service you provide is a big part of that, so the more you can see and help with the bigger picture, the more loyalty and repeat business you will build.

Whatever the job, don't see it in isolation. See it as a part of your customer's business and find out if there's anything else you can help them with. If you have any design tips, can give advice on how to keep their branding consistent between different jobs, or show them ways they could integrate their printed materials with their online presence to reach a wider audience, you will go beyond offering them printing or mailing and instead provide a comprehensive and valuable service.

3. Pitch Your Message Perfectly

If you want to give your profits a boost this year, you need to drum up interest from both your existing customers and potential customers who are on the hunt for a printer or mailer like your business. Your marketing materials are an important asset, so make the most of them. That means crafting a perfectly pitched message that speaks directly to your customers.

Ask yourself who your customers are and what they are worried about. What do they want for their business? You already know your customers will expect high quality printing and a fast, efficient mail service - that should come as standard. In addition, dig a little deeper to find out what they really want - expert advice, creative control over their finished product, or maybe more time to focus on their own business. Understand their needs and desires, and then tell them how your business can give them just what they are looking for.

You don't have to do it all on your own. There are resources that can help you market your business and expand your reach. Sites such as are available to help businesses find you and match your print or mail business with potential customers looking for work.

4. Embrace Social Media and Content Marketing

When it comes to marketing your business, social media and content marketing are tools you can't afford to overlook. Your customers, both old and new, use the Internet to search for and connect with brands, so make sure your business has a strong online presence. Using social media offers you the chance to build up a personal connection and keep a consistent sense of your business identity in your customers' minds, making your company memorable.

Has your print or mail business embraced content marketing? Content marketing - providing blog posts, status updates, videos, ebooks, or any other type of resource with useful information - is a fantastic way to establish your business as being expert, reliable, and useful. Content marketing takes planning and execution, but offers good returns in terms of gaining your customers' attention.

5. Get Ready to Diversify

One way to increase your profits is to expand your number of potential income streams. Look at it this way - if you expand the services you offer to your customers, you can offer them a more complete service. For example, if you add in mailing services to your print shop, your customers can come to you for the whole service, from printing right through to getting their materials delivered. If your mailing service can also offer stock control, that's another thing your customers can lean on you for.

Diversifying your services is an investment in the future of your business. Start with some research, and find out what else your customers would like from you or what problems they are struggling with that you could solve by adding extra services.

There is a strong market out there for printing and mailing services right now. If you start with these steps, you'll be on your way to a profitable 2015.

About John Foley, Jr.
John Foley, Jr. is the CEO of interlinkONE and Grow Socially. Recently, John was honored with a #15 ranking on Forbes' "50 Influential CMOs On Social Media" list. Additionally, he is the published author of three books available at, including "Business Transformation: A Path to Profitability for the Mailing and Fulfillment Industries." John and his team consult with print and mail companies on sales and marketing techniques, write strategic online marketing plans to get them on a path to marketing success, and John speaks frequently to print, mail, and fulfillment providers about expanding and transforming their businesses to grow revenue. Learn more about John at, and his companies at and