The Postal service has been working with companies dedicated to helping the environment by increasing the adoption of reusable envelopes. Many companies are increasingly choosing reusable envelopes, which eliminate the need for a separate reply envelope. To help facilitate more design options, the Postal Service introduced the Two-Way indicia, which enables the printing of both the outbound and Business Reply Mail indicia on the upper right corner of reusable window envelopes.

The Two-Way indicia consists of a permit imprint representing the outgoing class of mail, with the Business Reply Mail "No Postage Necessary If Mailed In The United States" imprint and horizontal bars placed immediately beneath it. The originating mailpiece displays the address block and barcode through a glassine window. The return mailpiece displays the address block, barcode, and Business Reply Mail legend through the same glassine window.

Two-Way indicia can be used for First-Class, Standard and Non-Profit mailings. Customers will continue to pay the postage for their outgoing presorted permit mailings and Business Reply Mail as before the introduction of the new indicia.

Changing these requirements pave the way for cost effective, simple to use design solutions that eliminate the need for a separate reply mail envelope and help to conserve precious resources.

The Two-Way indicia, is a powerful way to both leverage innovative design options for reusable envelopes and enhance the value of mail. This new option fits our mission to support convenient, more efficient, eco-friendly mailing products."

The new design provides mailers with additional flexibility for printing, distributing and mailing reusable envelopes. The use of reusable envelopes benefits the environment by reducing the number of envelopes needed to accommodate certain mailings, essentially halving the number of envelopes needed to accommodate a direct mail campaign. Customers can continue to have an effective direct mail campaign with minimal impact to the environment. Mailers will no longer need to provide a separate return envelope, thus providing immediate savings. This effort also allows space within the mailpiece that can be used to include material of higher value to the mailer while controlling the weight of the outgoing mailpieces.

For more information on Two-Way indicia, see the Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) sections 507 and 601.