March 24 2009 02:23 PM
Pallet placard

DAT-Mail provides Intelligent Mail® solutions for mailers

Window Book's mailing management software DAT-MAIL provides Intelligent Mail solutions including: eDocs, PostalOne!® Mail.dat® and Wizard Web Services, FAST drop ship appointment scheduling, USPS Confirm service, customizable Intelligent Mail container labels/placards, and pallet tracking database.

Intelligent Mail® barcoded labels

DAT-MAIL and TagMaster let you generate sack tag, tray tag, and pallet placards.  Utilize Mail.dat information in both programs, or create Intelligent Mail container labels/placards on demand with TagMaster.  Now, they also support the new transitional 10-24 barcode for tray and sack tags.


PostalOne!® Mail.dat and Wizard Web Services

DAT-MAIL mailing software enables you to participate in the U.S. Postal Service's PostalOne!® program using Mail.dat® or Web Services.  Use DAT-MAIL to submit electronic mailing statements and postage payments for greater efficiency and accuracy.  Mailers can also use Post Master to send XML forms using Wizard Web Services.


FAST Web Services for drop shipping

Our mailing products, DAT-MAIL and Post Master, have been updated to comply with the USPS Facility Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST) system.  Integrate FAST appointment scheduling into your mailing processes for Intelligent Mail.  Improve dock efficiency time by automating drop shipment scheduling for efficient mail acceptance.

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