Let's face it, you can buy almost anything online these days and that includes both printing and direct mail services. Many online printing services are accepting orders from just about anyone with a project and credit card. Many of these online print services are competitors to your business. However, some can actually become effective partners to your business, increasing your bottom line without increasing your overhead while still protecting your customer relationships. Finding the right partner is the crucial step in partnering with any online print service.


A true wholesale trade printer can become valuable partner for quick turn projects, work overflow, or even business growth. After all, the fast online ordering process of uploading your print project or direct mailer, then paying with a credit card can accelerate the execution of your job, helping you meet your customer's deadline. Most online services offer the same method for taking an order, but not all protect your customer relationship like you want them to. We recommend finding an online trade printer that only caters to printers, mail houses, or resellers - one that provides a guarantee not to compete with you or offers services to end users, essentially sitting on both side of the fence. It is also important this partner has your based interest in mind, even down to the delivery to your end customer, which should have no references back to the online service that executed your customer's project. Another way to measure an online trade printer is by looking at the extent they are willing to go to in the authorizing a reseller account. Security is key, as a customer may try to get in and see the wholesale pricing resellers are paying.

Filtering through all the online trade printers in search of the right partner can be a little time consuming, but finding the right match will help you grow your business and revenue.

Growll.com is a wholesale trade online printer that provides cost-effective printing to only resellers such as commercial printers, in-house printers, mail houses, print brokers, and graphic designers. Member benefits include a price match plan, a guarantee not to compete with members, and exclusivity to resellers only. Go to www.growll.com or call 1.877.678.6537 for more details.