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As we move into the busiest shipping period of the year, you want to be sure that you're keeping your shipping costs low and your customers happy. With improved package tracking that rivals the private carriers and low costs for packages traveling to residences and international destinations, you'll want to consider using the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) for your holiday shipping.

Here are three reasons why the USPS is a smart option for Q4 holiday shipping:

#1 Improved Package Tracking
With the USPS, 91% of domestic Priority Mail packages are delivered within two days. The USPS has invested millions of dollars into tracking infrastructure in the last 18 months, including adding real-time scanners in the field and improved technology that generates up to 11 scans per package. For you, this translates into quicker time-in-transit and better communication with the buyer.

Benefit: Better communication, quicker delivery can help eliminate customer service contacts.

#2 USPS Tracking Added to First Class Package International Service
USPS First Class Package International Service is the cheapest method to ship internationally among all shipping carriers. (When purchased online, the shipping cost of a 1 lb. package ranges from $9.50 to $14.63 for delivery anywhere in the world!) The USPS recently added Electronic Delivery Confirmation to 14 countries for First Class Package International Service. Now you can get delivery confirmation when your package is traveling to Canada, U.K., Germany, Japan and other popular e-commerce countries without breaking the bank on shipping costs.

Benefit: Cost-effective mail class for low value products traveling overseas now includes delivery confirmation.

#3 SCAN Forms
The USPS SCAN (Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice) form is a tool that links all of your shipments for a specific day to a single barcode on a piece of paper. Postal employees scan the barcode on the SCAN form rather than scanning packages individually, saving time. Once scanned, the package information is automatically recorded in the USPS tracking system, providing the recipient with confirmation that their package is on the way.

Benefit: Quicker visibility into USPS Tracking and better customer service, resulting in happier buyers.

Since most e-commerce shipments are 1 to 5 pound packages traveling to a residence, the USPS is a great option for your holiday shipping programs. Recent improvements in package tracking along with quicker delivery times and no surcharges or minimum fees can help make your shipping program assist significantly to bottom line profits.

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