Successful innovations do not happen by circumstance. It takes passion and insight to develop revolutionary technology and services that address customers' needs. Tritek Technologies, Inc. has brought leading edge mail processing solutions to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 corporations as well as government and financial institutions with patented, field proven products for over 25 years.

Tritek's president, Jim Malatesta did not know he was destined to become a patent holder and inventor of mail sorting and document imaging equipment when he went to work as a field service technician for Canadian-based Leigh Instruments in 1981. Driving 120 miles a day or more round trip to work, Jim many times worked through the early morning hours crawling around a cold dusty floor trouble-shooting problems and repairing broken-down mail sorting equipment for Leigh's customers. Jim commented, "I always thought I would be a professional musician. I was educated in electronics to learn how to work with recording studio equipment."

Jim's father, a professional pianist who also worked for The DuPont Company, instilled a persevering work ethic in each of his eight children. Never one to "give up" on any challenge, Jim was determined to help the Leigh customers even if it meant re-engineering their existing equipment. Jim reflects, "I wanted to follow in my father's footsteps and play music for a living, but I would have had to leave Wilmington, DE to play full time. More importantly, as the youngest son, my parents relied on my help to take care of our family's property in Maryland. So I worked a regular job by day and played music nights and weekends when I wasn't working alongside my Dad cutting grass or repairing tractors. I felt like I was in a remote work camp. I'm now thankful for all the mechanical and electronic knowledge I gained. Little did I know then how useful it would be in the future."

Jim was genuinely empathetic to Leigh's customers because he knew there had to be a more efficient method of building mail sorting machines that would allow them to operate without down time. Jim dealt with problems related to the equipment's feeder, reader, printer and conveyor "whether separately or in combination. In the Leigh days, I would have to leave in the middle of the night to repair a machine. I vowed that if I ever designed a piece of equipment, it would not be so complex that it would take hours or days to fix. I would design it like a race car - easy to repair and service. After all, mail needs to be rushed out the door to the post office, or if used for inbound mail, it needs to be delivered right away."

In 1984, Leigh decided to get out of the mail processing machine business. Jim started his own business, Independent Computer Services, (ICS) which specialized in repairing mail sorting equipment and Leigh's machines. Jim continued traveling all over the country, not only as a service technician, but now as a business owner and purchased the technology rights to Leigh's equipment designs. Eventually, the Leigh equipment was getting older and parts were becoming harder to replace. It became necessary to build a new reader and computer system for the Leigh transport. Jim spearheaded this project and added new employees who were also involved with servicing Leigh equipment.

As the computer and reader became operational, the need arose to build a less complex and more cost effective transport for the new reader. The newly designed OCR reader was successfully working in 1988. The name "Tritek" was given to the company, which is derived from the three technologies associated with mail processing: mail singulation, reading and sorting.

Tritek's machines were first built to sort letter mail. In 1991 Tritek developed a flat mail sorter. Named the 91-5 Ultrasorter, the system consists of a vacuum feeder and transport for sorting both letter and flat mail. The machine was tested by the USPS in 1992 and exists today as improvements in technology are developed.

Tritek added the services of Dr. Edward Cohen, OCR specialist, in 1993 who has worked directly with customers over the last 16 years for any specialized software needs. Tritek developed a "Rule Editor" software program that sorts by a custom programmed set of software rules tied into a data base. This software has given the machine the ability to determine how to sort generically addressed inbound mail pieces, handle ad mail or forward mail to a different address.

Between 1993 and 2009, Tritek read and processed all types of mail. Return mail became a Tritek specialty in equipment and service. Tritek processed First USA Bank's return mail for many years as the company honed the ability to process hard-to-read mail with marked up address blocks, stickers and return mail fingers stamped on it.

Tritek has a variety of mail processing solutions from the Nomad desktop document scanners to inbound mail sorting systems for large corporate mail rooms. The accumulation of knowledge through the years has made the Tritek product line both extremely reliable, user friendly and readily expandable. Tritek sorters are now being used in all types of applications from Vote-by-Mail in Washington State to outbound mail processing at Metro Presort in Portland, Oregon.

Metro Presort President Richard Barton commented, "Tritek's proven mail automation solution fulfills our goal to be a forward-thinking company. The Tritek equipment enables us to provide valuable cost savings to our customers. We have found Tritek to be very responsive to our needs, including on-time delivery and installation of our machine."

The idea of making a machine like a race car - easy to work on, highly productive and extremely reliable - has faired exceptionally well for Tritek. With this in mind, Tritek designed and built a custom inbound mail processing system for Cambridge Corporate Services. Cambridge is a well established mail staffing and facility management company located in New York City. "The integration of Tritek automated inbound technology brings advanced tracking, first touch data collection and life cycle management right to the mail center," states Bill Kelly, Executive Vice-President of Cambridge Corporate Services.

Tritek's future plans include a partnership with Cambridge to open a sorting center in New York City. "Cambridge is a great business partner as they have staffed and managed mail rooms for many years such as Morgan Stanley," Jim stated. Bill Kelly added, "The Tritek inbound mail solution has far exceeded our expectations and we look forward to this new business relationship."

Tritek assembles equipment in Wilmington, Delaware with a dedicated team of highly skilled employees. Tritek uses a large number of sub-contractors to build parts for Tritek equipment. One of Tritek's main suppliers is WW Grainger. If there is a Grainger store near you, it carries most of the parts you need for a Tritek machine. Tritek equipment is designed with easy service in mind.

Tritek has a dealer network located throughout the USA. "Our dealers do a great job for us. We are fortunate to have such a good team of experienced professionals," said Jim. Most recently Tritek was contracted to build outbound flat mail sorters for Siemens. Jim continues, "We are excited and very proud to be working with such well respected organizations and we are committed to continuing to improve and excel in all areas of inbound and outbound mail processing."

Tritek's technology is so advanced and expandable it can enter any application where imaging, scanning or sorting is utilized. Most recently, a medical document imaging solution has been designed and successfully field-tested.

For inbound mail, the Tritek model M machine can plug into a regular wall outlet and read and sort all types of inbound mail with portability and small footprint. The Tritek model M machine will be demonstrated at the National Postal Forum May 17th, 2009 in Washington DC.

As Tritek has evolved over the last 25 years through hard work and a deep dedication to providing the best technology in mail processing, Jim still makes time to play and record music. With the same passion he has demonstrated while helping mail room customers, Jim is an advocate for the promotion and advancement of original songwriters and has developed a music community website, that gives musicians a platform for their songs to be heard, including song contests offering cash prizes. 

"I compare my grass cutting days to the performance of the M machine," Jim said. "Yes, you can continue to sort mail by hand just like twenty people could cut a lawn using scissors, but why? The M machine can sort, scan, barcode, email deliver and do just about anything you can ever imagine with mail sorting." Tritek equipment gets the job done!

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