The 2008 election season is here, the election races are heating up, and drop-shipped election mail requires delivery verification. With you can receive the most definitive delivery and acceptance verification possible for destination entry postal drop shipping: 8125 postal forms personally signed by the receiving postal clerk. Better still, brings postal drop shipping directly to your desktop with free quoting, same day pickups, and online tracking - all from a fast, secure web interface. Meets The Challenges Of Drop Shipping Political and Election Mail


One of the most critical requirements for drop-shipped standard class political and election mail is drop-ship delivery confirmation. The 8125 Signature Service provided exclusively by helps ensure this critical confirmation is returned to you in the form of a postal form 8125, personally signed and date stamped by the postal clerk at the destination USPS facility. Not only does this verify delivery to, and acceptance of the mail by, the destination USPS facility, it is often required documentation for election expense reimbursements. Additionally, the postal form 8125 is the only source document the USPS will accept to investigate a mail processing concern from the permit holder.



With TDM, you simply enter job parameters and shipment details to instantly see postal discounts, shipping costs, net savings, and transit day information. Once you submit a job, you're done. TDM automatically generates postal appointments, schedules a pickup, and creates your BOLs. Jobs submitted by noon local time can usually be picked up the same day, and TDM supports drop shipping to all ASF/BMC and SCF facilities in the contiguous 48-states. Best of all, the estimating system is absolutely free to use. You pay only the shipping costs for the actual shipment weights of jobs you approve and submit.


For political and election mail requiring delivery confirmation, simply mark the selection labeled "Signature Service POD" for each drop in your job. Your imaged postal form 8125 will be available online for viewing and download as soon as it is received. If necessary, the staff of will personally contact the carrier and/or USPS facilities to ensure your 8125 is returned. (There is a $50 charge per drop for the 8125 service. In the unlikely event an 8125 is not available, you pay nothing for the 8125 service.)


Unmatched In-Home Performance


With TDM, you can rest assured your shipments are being handled by the unmatched transportation expertise of Direct Logistics, Inc. and the nation's largest LTL carrier network - with an amazing 99.6% on-time delivery record. But for those times when you absolutely must know postal drop-shipments have delivered, you have a number of options with Truck Direct Mail. Online tracking linked directly to the carrier PRO number provides your base delivery verification. Generally, confirmation is also available in the form of carrier delivery receipts sent as PDF files. Finally, for especially critical jobs such as political and election mail and one-day sales, you can even request signed 8125 postal forms be imaged and returned as PDF files.



What Is Postal Drop Shipping?


In February 1991, cost savings measures led the USPS® to begin offering postage discounts for mailers who would - at their own cost - ship pre-paid, presorted, and palletized standard mail directly to regional postal facilities nearer the mail's final destinations. The further into the postal system mail was "dropped," the greater the postal discount. As an added benefit, drop-shipped mail bypassed most of the upstream USPS infrastructure which resulted in faster, more reliable in-home performance. With significant cost and time savings on the table, mailers across the nation quickly began taking advantage of destination entry postal drop shipping.


Today, the core benefits of cost and time savings remain, with most postal drop shipping going to the BMC (Bulk Mail Center) or SCF (Sectional Center Facility) level. Discounts are currently set at $33 per thousand mailpieces entered at the BMC level and $42 per thousand mailpieces entered at the SCF level, and drop shipped mail will typically arrive 3-5 days earlier than standard mail entered at a local post office. In fact, drop shipping standard mail has even become a viable alternative to First Class mail. When delivery times are critical but First Class mailing is not legally required, postal drop shipping can create a windfall of savings over First Class postage and in many cases get mail in home as fast or faster.


Unfortunately, destination entry postal drop shipping can be a challenge. Mailings must be accompanied by an accurate 8125 form. All postage must be pre-paid, though at the discounted rate, and the mailing verified in advance by USPS clerk. Appointments must be set with receiving USPS facilities in accordance with carrier's estimated transit day performance. And finally accurate Bills of Lading must be created and a qualified carrier selected and scheduled for pickup. A little overwhelming? Don't worry - this is where comes in.


CreateSubmitDeliverConfirm. With TDM, Postal Drop Shipping Really Is That Easy! was recently re-engineered to put even more control and flexibility in your hands. Navigating the new interface is simple and intuitive, while the individual job screens make entering, editing and evaluating drop shipments fast and easy. also features vastly improved online shipment tracking with near real-time status 24hrs a day! You can even e-mail tracking reports to clients or co-workers directly from the Truck Direct Mail web site. From a quick single drop LTL quote, mail.dat files with hundreds of drops, to advanced integration with BCC Software's Mail Manager 2010®, is the fastest most flexible online tool available for LTL postal drop shipping.


Whatever the nature of your political and election mailing, from a single pallet of mail to millions of mailpieces from multiple origins, helps you determine where LTL postal drop shipping makes the most sense and get your mail in-route, quickly, affordably and reliably. Best of all, only offers guaranteed 8125 Signature Service to verify the delivery of your drop-shipped political and election mail. To learn more and receive your free login credentials, visit right now!



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