What would you do if someone asked you to take on a little mailing project of, oh say 180 million pieces or so? If you're Robert Doyle, CEO of Superior Mailing Services in Bedford Park, Illinois, you'd say, "Bring it on!"

Landing a huge job like that may sound like winning the lottery, but it comes with some big risks, too. Particularly when the end customer is the United States Government and the project is probably the highest profile mailing job of the decade. We're talking about the US Census here.

The census is a critical government activity. The effects of this effort can have an impact on large numbers of Americans. For up to ten years following the census, the political direction of individual regions and the entire nation is affected by the population numbers that are compiled as a result of this huge project. The data collected by the census is used to determine congressional representation and redistricting. And 's not just politics that are affected. Federal funds used to build hospitals, schools, roads, emergency services, and more are distributed based upon the census numbers.
Private business is affected as well. Companies often make decisions about where to build or move their corporate facilities or manufacturing plants based on the demographic profiles of various communities that will supply skilled workers. Information about who those potential workers are and where they live is derived from the census.
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