MTAC is an acronym of the United States Postal Service/Mailing Industry cooperative group known as the Postmaster General's Mailer's Technical Advisory Committee. MTAC provides a venue for the USPS to share and disseminate technical information with mailers. It is also a forum for mailers and mail owners to make recommendations on matters concerning mail-related USPS products and services in order to enhance customer value and expand the use of these products for mutual benefit.

Membership and participation on MTAC committees are compromised of mailing associations and organizations related to the mailing industry. The member group reflects all facets of the mailing supply chain. MTAC in-person meetings are held quarterly at USPS Headquarters in Washington, DC. Workgroups, and the new Task Teams and User Groups meet continuously throughout the year.

In order to propose an issue that would require the formation of an MTAC Work Group, a MTAC representative must submit the to issue for consideration. There is a set process that facilitates the formation of the workgroups. Current active Workgroups include groups on eDropship (WG#138), Start the Clock for all Business Mail (WG#139), and Enterprise Payment (WG#140), to name just a few.

A Task Team is a group focused on a clearly defined task. A task team differs from a workgroup in that it has a shorter timeline and less structure but has a higher level of oversight. Task team issues are usually ones that do not impact the entire mailing industry and can be addressed with a smaller, select group of members.

The purpose of a User Group is to provide an ongoing forum for the Postal Service and users of a particular postal product or process to facilitate communications, define and review improvements in functionality, and address and resolve issues pertaining to that product or process. User groups differ from Work Groups or Task Teams in that they are ongoing organizations, and they are not organized around a specific issue. Membership is made up solely of users of the product/process, the appropriate USPS managers, and related industry suppliers. There are currently several User Groups, including a PostalOne! User Group, a FAST User Group, and a Confirm User Group.

There is a great deal of work that goes on behind the scenes. Although MTAC only meets in person 4 times a year, efforts are ongoing throughout the year. Having an open forum for the USPS and technical customers to interact and collaborate is invaluable on both sides. To learn more, there is a great MTAC website located at Links to the MTAC Meeting Agendas (usually posted a week or two before the meeting) and Meeting minutes (posted a week or two after the General Sessions take place) are publicly accessible from here. Minutes come complete with links to many of the actual presentations given at the MTAC sessions. There are also several links to resources, future meeting dates, the MTAC Charter, and a current MTAC roster. Become informed, and get involved!