Many savvy mail-management executives are realizing that the solutions they have been using for years to automate mail sorting to capture presort savings, while good, often leave real room for improvement-especially when it comes to maximizing profits. Mail continues to hold an important place in customer communications; trends indicate it will continue to do so for a considerable time to come; and, in these challenging economic times, mailers are finding new ways to lower postage costs and improve the return on their mailing investments by taking a fresh look at the latest alternatives available to them today.
This white paper delves into how recent trends in the mailing industry are reshaping how organizations think about mail; and, it recounts the types of upgrades and innovations that are helping to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and profit from them. It also examines alternative approaches-both in-house and external presort services-for sorting and preparing mail to maximize savings and profitability. Download the whitepaper to see!