Harry Stephens

President , CEO of DATAMATX
June 19 2008
Scrubbing mailing lists to reach intended recipients more quickly and at the lowest possible rates By Harry Stephens
Jan. 8 2008
Alleviate the pain of postal rates and get maximum results for your dollar By Harry Stephens
Nov. 12 2007
By Harry Stephens President and CEO of DATAMATX
April 17 2007
Exclusive to Mailing Systems Technology: report on the USPS and its competitiveness to UPS and FedEx. By William J. Greene, CFA and Heeten H. Doshi
April 17 2007
By Harry Stephens, President and CEO of DATAMATX
Jan. 3 2007
Mailing Systems Technology recently asked the leading mailing industry software providers, "How has software developed/improved over the past several years and why should mailers continue to update?"...
Jan. 3 2007
And why it's good for your business By Harry Stephens