March 13 2024
So, how was I going to explain the ostrich skin boots to my wife? I was just waiting for a check… the boots just kind of happened. Well, they really didn’t just “happen.” Those...
Dec. 13 2019
Informed Delivery, the United States Postal Service program that sends consumers images of their mail before they receive it, presents some great opportunities for mailers. Informed Delivery i
Sept. 26 2016
In part one of this series, which ran in the July/August issue, we made the case for adding new channels to your direct mail, thereby turning a mailing into a campaign. Now we’ll discuss the p
Sept. 5 2016
Ah, the Mail Moment! You come home from work, feed the cats, feed the dog (at least that how it works in my house), and get the day’s mail out of the mailbox. Flipping through it, you see a po
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May 3 2011
Amanda Armendariz, Editor, Mailing Systems Technology
April 29 2008
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Aug. 7 2007
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Jan. 3 2007
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Dec. 29 2006
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