AccuZIP is proud to announce that its submission for the 2018 Next Generation Campaign Award™ has been selected as the GRAND CHAMPION in this prestigious competition.

AccuZIP competed and was crowned Grand Champion at the 2018 National Postal Forum in San Antonio, Texas. The Grand Champion was selected by a vote of attendees at the National Postal Forum (NPF) and was announced live at the National Postal Forum on May 9, 2018. AccuZIP’s selected campaign titled “College Students NCOALink® - Have You Moved?” was both designed and printed by AccuZIP Inc.

AccuZIP President Kristen McKiernan won the right to speak at a session at the NPF to discuss the campaign and results. On-site at the National Postal Forum in San Antonio to accept the Grand Champion award she spoke on AccuZIP’s campaign-creation process, marketing objectives and results: "I am beyond honored and so proud of our entire team to have been crowned the Grand Champion of this prestigious award. We were privileged to be in the company of our fellow first-rate finalists and honorable mentions. All of the recognized campaigns were excellently crafted with compelling messaging and creatives. Our primary goal at AccuZIP was to show that Informed Delivery® should enhance the direct mailing process rather than replace it and that message appears to really have resonated with the National Postal Forum audience and industry as a whole. I would like to sincerely thank the United States Postal Service for this esteemed recognition as well as thank all of those that voted for our campaign.” - Kristen McKiernan, President, AccuZIP Inc.

The USPS distributed a stunning book at the National Postal Forum showcasing a copy of AccuZIP’s selected mail piece. For a copy of this book, please email with the subject of: AccuZIP – Grand Champion: Next Generation Campaign Award – Book Request. Please include complete contact information and shipping address.

For more information on how AccuZIP (through our new AccuEngage service) can help with launching an Informed Delivery® campaign to add a digital experience to physical mailpieces, please visit

About AccuZIP Inc.

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