Alexandria, Va. (May 29, 2018) — Idealliance, a global thought leader in the graphic communications industry and a non-profit organization with 11 strategically located offices around the world, has awarded Digital Press System Certification to EFI for Xerox® EX-P 6 Print Server Powered by Fiery® and Xerox® Iridesse™ Production Press system. EFI’s System Certification is the 42nd certified Electrophotographic Digital Press System around the globe, and 31st digital press system by Electronics for Imaging (EFI) to achieve certification through independent third party analysis conducted by Idealliance and Rochester Institute of Technology’s Printing Applications Laboratory.

Through an intensive evaluation of print technology, including data and system analysis, at the RIT Print Application Laboratory, the Xerox® EX-P 6 Print Server Powered by Fiery® and Xerox® Iridesse™ Production Press system met all the requirements of the Idealliance certification program as set forth by the association’s Print Properties and Colorimetric Council, which continues to raise the bar for all print technology hardware and software performance.

“Idealliance is proud to certify the Xerox® EX-P 6 Print Server Powered by Fiery® and Xerox® Iridesse™ Production Press system as an Electrophotographic Digital Press System,” says Jordan Gorski, Idealliance Director of Certification Programs. “Its ongoing efforts to remain a leading worldwide provider of products, technology and services leader for digital imaging is evident by its continued pursuit of excellence through achievement of Digital Press System Certification.”

The Idealliance Digital Press Certification Program certifies the capabilities of commercial production electrophotographic and inkjet devices to meet specific print standards and established industry tolerances for excellence. The program consists of testing and certification in areas of color, print properties, and print production. It considers the entire press system, including the digital front-end, print engine, and paper.

Digital Press System Certification, along with all Idealliance System Certification programs, are the most recognized international specifications for print technology, and allow manufacturers to demonstrate their abilities for highly consistent color reproduction. These certification programs, driven by the Idealliance Print Properties & Colorimetric Council, deliver independent third-party certification for equipment manufacturers who continuously strive to innovate through print technology to expand the limits of print production. Idealliance is recognized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as the largest certifying body in the graphic and visual communications industry.

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