Arlington, VA, October 01, 2017 --( Software postal company Click2Mail announced the release of a web application that intelligently reads and mails documents to any mailing list. MailJack+ is intended for businesses that send formulaic documents created by merging variable data into structured documents, namely: Bills, Invoices, Statements, Notices, Form letters and HR notices. The platform replaces the typical tasks of printing papers, stuffing and stamping envelopes, and transporting to the post office with a few clicks online.

The company released an early, limited version of the MailJack+ software in 2011. The original MailJack required installation and configuration on a Windows PC and it only captured addresses on letter-sized documents.

The next generation MailJack+ is a web-based application (OS agnostic) that captures addresses for many more document types. “We created a tool that uses the addresses already placed on the documents to inform our system where to send each document,” said Carly Brown, lead product marketer at Click2Mail. With the new MailJack+, users can set up templates to automate the process of mailing business documents. For example, when a company’s billing software exports invoices with addresses already merged on ready-to-print documents, administrators can upload the documents to MailJack+ to mail them, rather than print, stuff, stamp, and mail them themselves.

When users try MailJack+ for the first time, Brown cautions with a hint of humor, “...that they may end up with lots of spare time on their hands and will no longer be known on a first name basis at the local post office.”

To get an idea of pricing, a MailJack+ job to send correspondence to a list of 85 recipients costs less than $1/each.

To get started with MailJack+, please visit

Note: For first-time users, creating a Click2mail account is free and there is no minimum mailing quantity. Current Click2mail customers do not need to create a new account to use MailJack+ and the tool does not incur any additional cost.

About Click2Mail

Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Click2Mail creates affordable web-based postal mailing technology that serves thousands of small- and mid-volume corporate, nonprofit, member-based, academic and municipal organizations. Founded in 2003, Click2Mail is a recognized affiliate direct mail specialist of the United States Postal Service. To learn more about the company, visit, call 866-665-2787, or send a message through their Facebook page. Make mail easy™.