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Event: PostalVision2020
Event Dates: March 21-22, 2017
Location: Arlington, VA

All the dramatic changes with regards to communication and delivery are disrupting our postal ecosystem — but rather than misunderstand them, or worse, miss out on them — join us at PostalVision 2020/7.0 to embrace this dizzying rate of change and explore new ways of conducting “Business NOT As Usual!”

At PostalVision’s seventh annual open-forum style conference, we will explore new and inventive ways to do business across our value chain. We will hear from visionaries, academics, industry leaders, and inventors and discuss their ideas in a deliberately conversational setting. We will discover new approaches to generating profitable business transactions and examine successful new models all across the postal-parcel-logistics-delivery ecosystem.

Event: DOCUMENT Strategy Forum 
Event Dates:
May 1-3, 2017
Location: Chicago, IL
Phone: 203-378-4991

Since 2008, DOCUMENT Strategy Forum has been the undisputed leader in educating professionals, working across wide-ranging industry segments, on how to deliver and manage superior customer communications, customer engagement and information management. As trailblazers in the arena, we are able to bring together the community of real-world communications, content and information leaders to discuss the issues and challenges that practitioners, like you, face every day. It’s a challenging environment to say the least. And with technology changing the status quo, sitting back in not an option.

Event: 2017 National Postal Forum 
Event Dates:
May 21-24, 2017
Location: Baltimore, MD

NPF's mission is "To assist the United States Postal Service in building relationships with and educating mailers in the most effective and efficient use of the products and services offered by the United States Postal Service."

The Forum is the mailing industry's premier educational venue, trade show and networking event for industry professionals. It provides business mailers with ongoing training and education, and helps them keep pace with the mailing industry's rapid progress. Held once a year in the spring, the Forum is a combination educational conference/trade show offering a wide range of opportunities for attendees. We from Mailing Systems Technology hope to see you there!