We uncovered some interesting stats this year in our annual wage & operations survey (and when I say interesting, I'm not necessarily using that in a positive sense). While the full analysis will be presented in the November/December issue of Mailing Systems Technology, here are some of the stats we found the most shocking:
--The average hourly wage for many categories has gone down by more than a dollar compared to last year.
--The number of mail center managers and supervisors who have any sort of certification (CMDSM, CMM, EMCMP) is down drastically compared to previous years; one category even reported 0%! (But you'll have to tune in to find out which one!)
--While the average salary for mail center supervisors rose compared to last year, it was because there were many more supervisors making upwards of 60,000... but the number of supervisors making in the 30,000-39,900 range unfortunately also increased compared to last year.
Stay tuned for the rest of the analysis in the upcoming issue!